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HR Advisors Awards

What are the awards about?

The reason we started the HR Advisors Conference was that we recognised it was a role with unique challenges and we felt that HRA’s should have something that looked at how you deal with those unique challenges! You also don’t get much recognition in the role.

So we’ve decided for 2017 that we will introduce an HR Advisors Award. This is to recognise the great work that HR Advisors are doing! You might not have full ownership of HR initiatives and you might not be well known by the senior management team - but you’re the ones out there every day, advising, dealing with queries and enacting HR projects and processes. So this award is for you!

What’s involved in entering?

If you are in an HR Advisory role (your actual job title may be different), and you’ve been part of putting great HR initiatives in place - that you’re really proud of - then you should enter! You’ll need to tell us:

You can also nominate an HR Advisor for the Award. You will need to be able to supply details of the above about the person you are nominating.

The Elephant team will then judge the entries and decide who the finalists are. These will be presented at HR Advisors Conference for the audience to vote on the overall winner. Finalists must be able to attend the HR Awards session at the conference.

UK Awards:

Wednesday 12 July

Entries close midday Friday 7 July


Tuesday 10 October

Entries close midday Thurs 5 Oct

Who organises the HR Advisors Conference?

#HRACONF17 has been organised by Elephant. Elephant is an HR training company that started in NZ in 2007 and in 2016 expanded into the UK. The team at Elephant are passionate about providing HR development that is practical, useful and fun and have trained over 2000 HR people in NZ and Australia.

For information about Elephant Group UK click here.

For information about Elephant NZ click here.

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New Zealand HR Advisor of the Year

To contact us click here or call us on 0044 203 670-6019

Victoria Petrie,

HR Advisor, TrustPower

Victoria was voted HR Advisor of the Year for New Zealand, for the two projects that she worked on - a graduate programme with a difference and taking the HR team on a journey to being paperless!

To read about what made our attendees vote for Victoria, just click here.

Runner up: Sheree Jack,

HR Advisor, nib

Sheree worked on a project to take their wellness programme into looking after the whole person - and had amazing results.

To read about Sheree’s initiative just click here.